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The Experience

Sometimes i think as the years go on in this career and life evolves, things can get messier and things can feel overwhelming and confusing. Getting your photo taken is a vulnerable things, i don't think it comes naturally to everyone, so i know the nerves that can be felt going your shoot. Sometime i think that there's all these rules that get thrown around and official things that come with wedding planning and sometimes if feels like you're holding your breath checking things off the list...i've always wanted photography to be the easiest part of it all. Wedding planning, and celebrating your love in anyway should be a FUN time. comfy, and easy. i wanna throw out all those rules and just get back to the roots of what this all is... capturing our authentic love in such an insanely beautiful way.

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i want to be your friend.

No seriously, i wanna be your friend. The amount of times I've been told that my personality has someone feel safe during their wedding day, or during their shoots is what keeps me going. .. truly. i want you to feel comfy enough with me to snort laugh your ass off and fall over mid photo and none of us blink an eye about it because it just feels like hanging out with your friend.

My Story

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