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About Taylor


I've been taking photos and documenting mine & so many others lives for 8 years. i like to say that this "job" shaped me.. and i say job lightly because I'm truly so in love with every aspect of this that it hardly ever feels like work. every person, and every love story I've had the privilege of witnessing has changed me for the better, and i want to leave my people feeling the exact same way - inspired, beautiful and in love with their life more than ever before.

visual artist

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my roots

My names Taylor & i was born in 1995 (if you know you know)

born & raised in flint michigan, always wanting to get out. when i found my love for photography, i found love in everything else, including my home. I've been to some of the most stunning places in the world, and nothing compares to my home state. From watching the sunset on lake michigan, to the buzzing city streets of detroit, this place will always have my heart.


my why

i remember the first text i received after delivering a wedding day saying that they couldn't believe that was them, and they've never looked more beautiful, and i immediately knew i wanted to feel that feeling forever, and i wanted to give people that feeling forever. I've always wanted to be more than just a pretty picture... throw the rules out the window, I'm here to capture your love in the most messy & real way.

my love

I got married when i was 20 years old, in 2015. i met Alex when i was a senior in high school & we were immediate best friends. we got our photos taken, and that's when i thought "i know i can take the coolest pictures of people!!!" and i did it. my own love story has been my number 1 inspiration in everything i do, including every time i take a photo. i love every single living thing on this planet - which is why i have 6 animals that i am a mother to, 5 rescue cats, and the smallest/cutest dog in the world. & yes, please bring your dog.

Let's document your love

This is where we become bff's

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