hiiiii  friends!!!

I'm Taylor <3

I'm sensitive as hell, swear like a sailor, cry at everything + can successfully quote step brothers.

My hair color changes with my mood + I could eat pancakes for every meal, Bohemian Rhapsody might be my theme song, and we'll probably have a dance party or two during our time together.

I wish i was best friends with the entire cast of new girl, I call everyone babe and I treat my cats like humans.

My husband is my better half and you'll probably know all about him if you know me. He's talented as hell + can light up the freakin' room. Everyone loves him so much and I'm pretty sure someone paid him to marry me?? Because I'm not sure how i landed his perfect self.

Things that make me happy;

Waking up

❋ Family dinners

❋ Netflix

❋ My husband

❋ Sunshine on my skin

❋ Hot tubs

Taking pictures

❋ Animals

❋ A clean house

❋ Hot showers

❋ Sunrises + sunsets



This is me. A happy bean, loving the life she's been given.

Thanks for stopping by <3


Photo by Dylan Fox

The good life